disabilityvehiclePhase Driving School is the only school on the Sunshine Coast that is equipped with modifications and expertise to assist physically challenged individuals regain independence.

Our selection of Manual, Automatic & Disability Vehicles are comfortable, safe, and are serviced regularly.

Phase Driving School has a Disability Vehicle, fitted with air conditioning, powered windows, powered mirrors, powered steering and three way adjustable seat movements. Our Disability Vehicle is also fitted with dual controls for your ease.If you have a disability, our vehicle can be suitably modified to cater for your needs.

The automatic vehicle can be fitted with:

  • Hand Controls (Push-Pat)
  • Left Foot Accelerator
  • Electronic spinner knobs (able to be fitted both sides of steering wheel)
  • indicators (both sides of steering wheel)
  • Panoramic rear view mirror
  • Blind spot mirrors

Driving with a physical disability

In the right vehicle with the right controls you could be able to drive and achieve independent mobility.

It is possible that you may still be able to operate the standard controls in a manual car but using an automatic may be an easier alternative; this may be necessary to overcome a physical restriction or help if fatigue is an issue. If the standard controls cannot be operated normally then adaptations can be considered to help overcome the difficulty or to make the driving task easier.

Adaptations can modify the operation of the foot pedals, the steering and the secondary controls (indicators, horn, headlamp dip/flash, wipers and washers); the gear shift and the hand brake can also be modified. The seat and the seat belt system may also need modification and some people may need adaptation to help getting in and out of the car. Finally adaptation may be needed to help with wheelchair loading.

If the legs cannot be used for acceleration and braking then hand controls could be considered. If there is a weakness down one side then using the stronger side,either right or left, would be advisable, if the steering cannot be operated with both hands modification can be made to operate it with one and if the secondary controls cannot be operated without letting go of the steering then these can be operated remotely. For more severe disability the adaptations required become much more complex.

Disability parking permits

In Queensland the disability parking permit scheme consists of 2 permits, the Australian Permit and Red Permit. For more information on disability parking permits, please click here to visit Queensland State Government Parking Permits website page

Red Disability Parking Permit

QLD Disability Parking Permit









FOR MORE INFORMATION , on whether you are fit to drive , your doctor may refer you to a occupational therapist for a driving assessment. The companies below can assess your situation and your vehicle to help find the right solution and can arrange the modifications.


North Coast Rehab
Web: www.northcoastrehab.com.au
Phone Chris:  07 5446 8289


Surgical Engineering Queensland
Web: www.sureng.com.au
Phone Mike: 07 3869 1919

Web: www.nybro.com.au
Phone Dever: 07 5345 9770